Meeting of the A.N.R.C. (Association of Nene River Clubs)

Friday 11th. May 2007.


This is the first meeting held since the AGM was held in April when new Officers were appointed. The details of these can be found on the ANRC website. For those of you who are individual members we need to know what you want from our organisation and how we can serve your best boating interests. Let us know!


Peterborough Embankment.

Some improvements are planned for the near future which must be good news for boaters.

  • The embankment will become an alcohol free area. (This does not apply to boaters.)
  • New lighting is to be installed.
  • Subject to planning permission, it is hoped to provide some new raised moorings for disabled boaters.
  • New flower beds. Apparently in the present shrubbery, individuals are hiding away and getting up to no good!
  • New toilet block with anti vandal paint.
  • New provision for boaters’ rubbish.


Boat Fees and Funding.

Inspite of protest letters being sent to MPs as regards the sharp rise in Licence Fees being imposed by EA there has been no response. Because of the incompetence of DEFRA, funding to EA has been cut drastically so there is little in the coffers to play with so it looks as if these rises are inevitable. Of course this also affects the amount of money that can be spent on maintaining the waterways so expect to see little improvement in facilities on the River Nene. What a depressing thought!

Ron Smith who is the ANRC rep. on the Regional Navigation Group is watching the situation. His full report can be seen on the ANRC website and is posted in the Club.



Individual Membersahip.

We now have 197 individual members from 8 clubs and the aim is to double the membership so we can have a stronger voice and achieve more. We discussed ways we could do this.

  • We will try to communicate more with our clubs.
  • Maybe aim to put out a newsletter twice a year.
  • Circulate laminated posters for clubs with names of the committee and reps.
  •  The rules are to go on the website.
  • John Brown, our Captain, aims to highlight the ANRC at the Rally.




Stanwick Lakes.

At a visit to the Stanwick Lakes Recreational Area, I discussed with a warden about the possibility of making provision for visiting boaters by putting in some moorings along the river bank. She explained that there is no funding at present for this by the Rockingham Forest Trust, also the EA would have to be involved with this. At our meeting, we were told, apparently there is a private company who are interested in installing a marina which should happen in the next three years. Watch this space!


Fire Safety on Boats.

There has been great concern about the recent number of deaths that have occurred on boats through fire and the Fire and Rescue Services are keen to ensure that boats are as safe as possible. There is now a smoke alarm which can be used on boats (and at home) where the battery will last for 10 years before it runs out. At the meeting there was some scepticism expressed about this.

 I am waiting for a local Fire Officer to contact me as regards doing Fire checks on boats so will update members when I have more news.


Funding For the Rally.

As is customary it was decided to donate £100 towards Rally expenses.


ANRC Dinner Dance.

This will take place at The Kettering Park Hotel on the 22nd. September 2007. The cost will be £15 per head for ANRC members and £23 for non members. There will be a set menu and a disco. There will be raffle tickets sold with the prize being a free room for the night and the use of the Spa facilities. Tickets will be sold at the Rally at PYC.


Jenny Sullivan.

OCC Rep.

Vice Captain. ANRC